Simplify the
blockchain for business
with Double Layered design , a compatible and practical solution for various
distributed applications


Balanced with disruptive innovation and
matured consensus
  • Flexible
    Double layered structure:
    PoW MainChain supporting Multiple SubChain consensus
  • Scalable
    Sharding mechanism:
    Efficiency balanced on SubChain and MainChain structure
  • Stable
    PoW MainChain Consensus:
    Scrypt-based Algorithm preventing computing power concentration
  • Inclusive
    No preservation or pre-distribution, open mining from the very beginning

Access to the SimpleChain

Tools for getting blockchained simply and safely
  • SimpleNode
    SimpleNode: Click and join the SimpleChain distributed network. Start your SIPC mining and manage the node by you own.
    Windows Mac OS Linux
  • ChainBox
    ChainBox: Easy way to manage your digital asset wherever you go, tracking every transaction on both the mainchain and subchain.
    iPhone Download
    Android Download
  • SimpleChain Explorer
    SimpleChain Explorer: The window of the distributed network. Searching, tracking, and supervising the comprehensive status of the SimpleChain .
    Blockchain Viewer SimPluG
  • Simpool
    SIPC mining pool, support PPLNS mode, to provide you with a stable and efficient mining experience,continue to provide quality services for miners.
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